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Joven Instant Water Heater SB11iP-RS

Innovative Features

Elegantly Designed with Classy Finish
  • The SB Series is elegantly designed with sleek casing and 2k Spray Paint finish. It’s the kind of quality for long lasting colour finish even for years to come. Available in 3 colour options to choose from Dark Grey, Dark Silver or White.

Energy Saving & SilentPlus Technology
Quiet Operation (Below 35dB)
  • The Inverter DC Pump Technology gives you 50% energy savings compared to the conventional booster pump and is silent below 35dB giving you the peaceful shower you desire.

Adjust to the Temperature You Desire with Extra Power On/Off Knob
Get Your Ideal Shower Temperature
  • Turn the knob to your desired temperature setting with our Stepless Electronic Power Control System for smooth temperature settings. The Extra Power On/Off provides extra protection when is not in use.

Premium & Long Lasting Colour Finish
Double Layer 2K Spray Paint Finish
  • For that long lasting colour finish that lasts for years to come, our colour models come with double layer 2K Spray paint finish.


Safety Features

High Protection Against Water Splash
Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) Standard
  • The casing is sealed to prevent water from accessing the internal parts in-line with splash proof standard.

The Safest Protection Against Current Leakage
Double Poles EELS | <10mA Standard
  • Your safety are assured with the industry’s safest Double Poles EELS which is 10mA sensitivity. Any current leakage above 10mA, the EELS will cut-out both live & neutral line at high speed.

Surge Protector
Comply with IEC 61000-4-5 (Level 3)
  • Protection against power surge which disconnects instantly.

Anti-Scalding Technology
  • This Anti-Scalding device will prevent against scalding.

Thermal Cut-Out Technology
  • This safety device will interrupt power supply in the event of overheating and prevent fire hazard.

Durable Copper Heating Element
  • Reliable, high performance and efficient copper heating element for constant hot water.

Nylon Fibre Tank With Swirl Technology
  • Swirl technology minimises thermal shock and prevent scalding. Nylon Fibre tank insulated structure ensures better heat insulation and prevent electric shock.

SFS Technology
  • The Safety Flow Sensor (SFS) ensures sufficient flow of water before the heater activates to prevent scalding.

Triple Reinforced & Insulated Hose
  • 5” length 3 Layer Reinforced and Insulated Hose for longer reliability and non-conductive material for better heat insulation and prevent electric shock.

SVF Valve with Built-In Filter
  • Turn On/Off the water with the 1/4 turn pattern pending SVF Valve with water saving feature and easy clean with built-in filter.



  • Rotatable Rainshower 8” with 3.8” Showerhead (Pat.Pending)
  • 5 Spray Showerhead
  • Slim and Chromed Slider Bar with Shower Diverter
  • ¼ Turn Valve for turn On/Off Shower
  • Durable, Safe and Hygienic Triple Reinforced Non-Conductive Hose
  • Screw and Wall Plug



  • Electrical Loading: 3.6kw ; 15.0A ; 240Va.c. ;50Hz
  • Min. Water Pressure: 10kPa / 1.45psi / 0.1 bar
  • Max. Water Pressure: 380kPa / 55psi / 3.8 bar
  • Min. Water Flow: 2 Litres per minute
  • Max. Water Flow: 8 Litres per minute
  • Water Temp. Control: Stepless Electronic Power Control
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection: Ø15mm (1/2″ BSP) – Single Point System
  • Dimensions: 213 x 405 x 81 mm
  • Weight: 4.7kg

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